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Natural Henna Powder

Natural Henna Powder
This range is better product of hair dyestuff to hue the hair. Paste of henna powder when applied to hair presents a reddish-brown color to the hair. We understand that your hair is most important factor contributing to your attractiveness and look and so we provide natural henna powder which is 100% natural and does not depart any edge effect to your hair. It will improve the health of your scalp, thereby treating a number of hair issues including dandruff,  hair loss etc. This will also condition your damaged and frizzy hair strands and promote their healthy growth

1. Gives a natural color to the hair without any side consequences.
2. Works as a hair conditioner to the hair, departing it glossy and smooth.
3. Cools scalp & work as a dandruff treatment.
4. Therapeutic & calming remedy in the direction of hair development.
5. Treats headaches & aids sleep in a natural way
6.100 Per cent pure henna powder
7.Premium quality.
8. Bulk order on demand.
9.Advantage of bulk production and modern manufacturing